Concept Artist | Designer | Illustrator

Traditional Foundation

Incrediblly strong traditional skills for line work foundation and design.

3D Oriented

Able to think in 3D for the 3D artists to do their jobs properly and effeciently.


Diverse in a range of styles from animation to realistic.

Creating Beautiful Concepts

It's about the details.

I must absolutely research first and create a repository of information such as textures, history, colors, movements, and details for my concepts. Everything drawn has a meaning and purpose.

It makes the art feel more realstic to the world I am creating.

Recently Uploaded

Hello! I'm Lisa

I am currently freelancing as a Concept Artist and work on genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Apocalyptic. I attended Art Center with a major in Entertainment Design. I love playing video games and watching movies of all types.

Feel free to contact me with opportunities as I am seeking a full time position with either the video game or movie industry in the Los Angeles area. I am also open to relocation and temporary contracts.

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